Business plan development for self-employment

Subsidies for self-employment are state subsidies granted to unemployed persons who decide to start their own business and are registered in the records of the Croatian Employment Service. They are allocated to cover the costs for the establishment and start of operations of a business entity in the following organizational forms – trading company, independent activity and institution.

The main requirements for self-employment

• You are registered with the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ).
• You have completed an online workshop in 2023.
• You do not have ownership in any business entity in the past 24 months, and if you had ownership before, all obligations towards the tax authorities have been settled.
• Your private bank account is not blocked

Financial support for self-employment

1. Category – up to 15,000 EUR / Green/digital up to 20,000 EUR

– (C) Manufacturing industry (sections 25-33)

– (F) Construction industry (sections 41-43)

2. Category – up to 10,000 EUR / Green/digital up to 15,000 EUR

– (C) Manufacturing industry (sections 10-24)

– (J) Information and communication

3. Category – up to 7,000 EUR / Green/digital up to 10,000 EUR

– (D) Electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply (section 35)

– (E) Water supply, sewerage, waste management, and remediation activities (sections 36-39)

– (G) Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (all sections except 47.99)

– (H) Transportation and storage

– (I) Accommodation and food service activities (only section 56)

– (M) Professional, scientific, and technical activities (all sections except 69.1)

– (Q) Human health and social work activities

– (N) Administrative and support service activities (all sections except 77, 78, and 79)

– (P) Education – (R) Arts, entertainment, and recreation (all sections except 93.19)

– (S) Other service activities (all sections except 94)

Exceptionally, applicants registering a business entity in the Sisačko-moslavačka county can receive support of up to 15,000 EUR regardless of the eligible activities they register.


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