Investment study development

An investment study or investment program is a document prepared for more complex business ventures exceeding the amount of 200,000 EUR according to the HBOR methodology (the amount may vary depending on the financial institution).

An investment study is commonly prepared when initiating an investment cycle within an existing company to demonstrate the economic viability of the investment, the implementation approach, and the impact on the company’s existing operations.

Compared to a business plan, an investment study provides a more detailed overview of the investment and includes additional financial indicators that offer a better assessment of profitability and project justification.

Along with the investment study, you will receive complimentary business consulting services for your company or project.

Development of investment studies for small, medium, and large enterprises

Small, medium, and large enterprises are required to develop an investment study as a prerequisite for financing from financial institutions for complex projects or projects of higher value.

Development of business plans for Local and Regional Government Units

Municipalities, cities, and counties are required to develop an investment study when financing infrastructure projects through loans or non-refundable EU funds.


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Along with our services of business plan development, investment study, and feasibility study, you also receive a complimentary business consulting service for your company or project.